Hierarchical Collections in DXO Photolab available?

Hello photo friends :slight_smile:

I would like to know if it is possible to create hierarchical collections in dxo photolab?
I’m currently evaluating some Raw developers and the one I like the most is dxo photolab.

But what would also be important for me is that there is some sort of basic DAM functionaly. Hierarchical albums would be enough - but I cannot find this in photolab.

Would also be ok to have an external DAM program for this, but it must be able to show the adaptions that were made with dxo on the RAW files. I’m not sure but I think photo supreme can handle this?

But for me it would be much better if it could be done in photolab directly because I ONLY would need this hierarchical thing, nothing more more.

Thanks a lot for answers!

No there isn’t, DxO only has basic keywording and indexing. I believe there are some programs which will show the edits. There was a very long thread a while ago:

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As a Photo Supreme user, I can confirm that it can partially do that - see this PSU forum thread. DxO doesn’t make their code publicly available, so no 3rd party program is likely to be able to fully show all adaptions.