Hierarchical Browser

I always found Apple’s Photos app useful for browsing a library of images, because it allowed me to browse at different “levels” of a hierarchy (year, month, day, etc)

Well I am in the middle of writing my own browser that does just that but with any hierarchy of folders on the user’s disk.

Here’s a couple of screenshots of how it looks so far; would this be a useful feature?

Notice how the contents of the main pane change in relation to the level of the hierarchy selected on the left tree view

Good job, nice.

Are you asking if this could be a useful feature for Photolab ?

Could be. Having designed it for myself, I felt it was better to build a working prototype as proof of concept before submitting it to users to see if there was enough demand for the functionality.

If not, I was thinking of distributing it as a standalone complementary product.

I would already be happy if I could have just my pictures folder and its subfolders shown in DPL and not the whole tree


That was my thinking

That is a nice project Joanna :+1:t3:

I might not use it because I am already using a cataloging software for my use and I will feed my pictures with keywords. So I am covered.

I am also thinking about a project for metadata only but I first need to learn to (x)code :grimacing:

What is not visible in this screenshot is the contents of the right panel for manipulating EXIF data. I have already written a Swift wrapper for ExifTool and tested its functionality separately. Now The plan is to integrate that.

In the first instance, I am going to provide keyword searching but, instead of using a database, I am going to read and write the EXIF directly in the image files; this way, the keywords will also be searchable from the file system.

Interesting :nerd_face:

C’est parfait. I have a bunch of ideas on that topic but have not started yet. The most complicated will be the UI/UX for all the functionalities I dream of.

Tu veux le discuter plus hors ligne ?

Here is my structure,I use in Lightroom, to get my things sorted:

My folders have the structure YYYY \ YYYY-MM \ YYYY-MM-DD, which can be seen on the left side of the screenshot. If I select a folder that has many descendant folders, all photos in these subfolders are shown at once. This allows organizing photos like in a calendar by years/months/days taken.

On the right side you can see my second and third hierarchies, which are realized through hierarchical keywords written to XMP. Here all photos are structured by Events of Year and by Visible Persons.

With this structure I can find everything in seconds and I do not depend on the Lightroom catalog, because all data is stored outside of the catalog on disc.

The left part we have in PhotoLab except the possibility to show all photos in subfolders of the selected folder. The right part with the hierarchical keywords synchronized to XMP is what I would like to see in the PhotoLab’s PhotoLibrary. But this does not seem to have priority and I am OK with that, as long as Lightroom Classic lives.

Looks good.
I will follow this with interest.
Thanks Joanna.


I sent you a message Joanna. Thanks.