Hiding control points? (This is maddening.)

I wonder whether anyone has figured out a consistent way to hide the control points. It’s great that the latest version has move all the adjustments off to the side: it used to be that every time you compared an earlier version (using “comparison” or command-z), the whole bloody apparatus would keep popping up on the screen. Now it’s just the dot, but even that’s irritating — you have to move the cursor to the edge of the screen to get rid of it, and it pops up again ever time you change things.

I’m looking for something like the “H” command in Lightroom, which toggles “show pins and tools.”

If this can’t be done, could this function please be added to the program? It’s not trivial; the process of comparison is still a headache.

(Thank god you’ve finally changed “Undo” to Shift-Command-Z like the rest of the civilized world; these seemingly small interface changes matter a lot.)