Here's a simple one... Allow switching between numerical entries above sliders using the TAB key

Take for example the bleach bypass filter in color efex. When I apply that filter to an image, every time I want to zero out the variables end enter what I want. It would be nice if you can click on the number above the first slider, enter 0, then hit tab to the next number below it, hit zero, tab to the next number, Etc.

As it stands now you have to click in the little box and then hit 0, then with your mouse you have to click in the next box down each time to reset the filter. The Tab Key doesn’t allow you to switch between input boxes.

I know it’s not that big of a deal and it probably wouldn’t save that much time, but for those of us that live and die by keyboard shortcuts, I think it would be helpful. It would be nice if during that time I could also enter recurring values to a filter that I previously used without having to make a preset.