Help with NIK Collection update

I was attempting to complete an update to my NIK 5 Collection. I inadvertently placed in the wrong directory (I think??) and now I have No NIK! Imagine that! Every time I try to re-download it tells me that I already have NIK on my computer. Any ideas for me?

Welcome to the foru, @nucmanchh

You might need a complete cleanup.

I tried but when I extract I just get what you see in the attached photo. Can’t find 'NikCleanup.ps1 ',
![Photo|690x388] (upload://7Evnxv0oZ1gyvb7iyE8fievn9DL.jpeg)

You simply have to follow the instructions in the FAQ and the link provided by platypus

Can’t see anything, the attachment is missing.

What’s your platform? Win or Mac?

@Tiziano-R : I tested the CleanupTool for Mac and found that it worked, except for leaving things behind like an empty folder or two and possible issues with a Mac setup that has more than one user account (which is a problem for the installer too). Some of the folders that should be removed are “hardwired” in the script, older installers let me select an install folder other than /Applications/Nik Collection/ and those folders might be left alone too. Caveat: I’ve not run a complete set of tests, some of the above is based on what I see in the script file.

I use Win 11

They’re analyzing the file I sent.