Help ! Nom de fichiers identiques!


Comme vous m’avez souvent aidée sur ce forum, j’espère vraiment que cette fois aussi vous allez me proposer une solution miracle ;D

Voila, j’ai créé un projet regroupant une sélection de photos prises sur toute l’année 2022, provenant de plusieurs apn, et de plusieurs dossiers différents.
Mon reflex étant mal réglé, certains fichiers comportent les mêmes noms et DxO s’emmêle les pinceaux…
Voici le message d’erreur qu’il m’affiche.

Je ne peux pas modifier les noms à la main car les photos sont éparpillées dans des dizaines de dossiers différents, comment puis-je faire ?

D’ailleurs je trouve vraiment déplorable que DxO ne gère pas les noms de fichiers : à chaque fois que je créé des albums photos, je suis obligée d’utiliser un logiciel tiers pour renommer mes photos avec la date du fichier (afin qu’elles se classent pas ordre chrono sur le site de l’éditeur).
Et dès qu’un veut renommer un paquet de photos, là aussi c’est la galère, il faut tout se taper à la main avec la numérotation, etc… (ex: ville-1, ville-2, etc)

Dear Milla

in the photo library ypu have the possibilty to rename a set of photos e.g. like

How to solve the first part of your problem I have no idea, except that you manually change the files in the folder with the rename function.

Good idea would be to make a culling and renaming process after your photo session first, before creating projects or collections.

best regards


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Tank you ! I didn’t see this feature !! You just solved my problem actually, I will just go back to my files in DxO and change the names of the pictures of each files… should take me one hour but still quicker than doing it manually…

I think you’re right, I should change my routine when I save my pictures and change their names every time (if DxO had the possibility to rename them with the date it would be awesome!)

I’ve come across the issue of having several images with the same name quite a while ago. I solved the problem by replacing the first four letters, which don’t contribute to anything practical, by the shot date like e.g. 20230121- and left the last four digits as is. In one occasion, I had to also add the shot time for a full name like 20230121-191433-nnnn. This reduces the probability of equal names greatly. You could also add the camera serial number too, provided you have a tool that can read the respective data from the files.

I use Lightroom Classic to rename files upon copying them from the memory card, or use Graphic Converter (Mac only) to batch rename files.

Be aware that renaming files outside of PhotoLab will a) create duplicate entries in DPL’s database and b) void any changes in metadata and settings, unless you also rename the .dop and .xmp sidecar files.

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In the end of the story a good and configurable rename function, like it is in LupasRename and /or Irfanview or other tools (Windows), which will be part of the DXO universe would be a great thing.
There are, like very often in the last years, some FR’s and also post’s asking for that.
DXO developers this is an basic function for a modern photo software.

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Agreed, this function should even appear with the extracting options menu, like it was in my (very) old Lightroom :wink:
Meanwhile I will do as suggested and change the names each time I save the pics on my computer.