Help me do the math - worth it to upgrade now?

I have PL6 and I will want PL8 when it’s released. Is it worth it to upgrade to PL7 now, with 20% off, and upgrade again in November (or whenever) to get a lower upgrade price, or is it better to just wait and upgrade PL6 to PL8 ?? Anyone with an informed guess at the upgrade prices (yes, I know it’s just a guess :-). )

Wait for PL8 to come out, you should get the same (pre-discount) upgrade price that you’re being offered now. Then wait until Black Friday for the DxO sale to get a discount on the PL8 upgrade price.

That’s based on historical patterns, but obviously DxO may choose to not follow that pattern this year.

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I’d say no, wait until PL8 is out with a launch off discount and then wait again until the Black Friday deal appears.

That of course is a guess based on how the prices have been set in previous years. There is NO guarantee things will work like this again in 2024.

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I’ve been happy with PL6 and didn’t even consider PL7 usable until PL7.5 was released. I like PL7 now, but DxO has been having a lot of difficulty introducing changes to their software without also introducing serious problems.

My suggestion: if there’s nothing new in PL7 that you need right now, wait until PL8 when the sale will probably be even greater (at release and around Black Friday). You seem to have already decided that you want PL8.

While we now get 20% off, the bundles have been taken off the shelves. They usually come with bigger discounts. Anyways, wait for autumn and/or Black Friday.