Help for a person whose used to using Bridge

So my normal work flow in Adobe Bridge is to do a slideshow and rate images from 0 to 5 stars.

I then double click on images to process them in Photoshop.

When I’m done I label the image as having been processed using a color tag

I got PhotoLab4 for the Deep Prime but the image correction based on the measured transfer functions of various camera lens combinations look interesting.

So is there any way for me to follow my current work flow using Photolab4 instead of Bridge?

Thanks for any help!

You can use PL4 to rate your photos and then use the Pick/Reject option to flag your images with either Green (pick) or Red (reject). You can then filter all your photos to show just the picked (green) tag and process them using PL4’s tools.

With just one provision: Whilst PL is an excellent RAW-image processor, with many unique features - - it’s not well suited for browsing candidate images (because it’s quite slow for that purpose - as it’s applying standard corrections as it’s doing so).

So, you may find it more efficient to use something else (say, FastRawViewer) to do some basic triage evaluation - so that you’re getting rid of the obvious failures (out of focus, etc) before you present them to PhotoLab. Then, as Keith describes, you’ll be off-and-away !

John M

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You can select in bridge and export to DxOPL as a project.
Then the selected images are grouped as in bridge and editable in dxopl.
When i am at home i can show you.

Is there a way to expand the number of tags?

I’d like one for the photos I’ve picked, one for the photos I’ve rejected, and one for those that have been processed

Sorry, you are stuck with just the two tags, picked and rejected.

Thanks even though it’s bad news