Help : Changes applied by error on 1500 picture what's the solution ?


Is there a solution to rollback all changes applied on all files of a directory after a certain date?
Example : remove all modifications made to 1500 picture after 2023-05-15 19:00 ?

my issue : I don’t understand how I made this mistake, but I discovered that I applied the same series on modification on 1500 pictures (changed colors, crop, …).
Looking at the first picture I know when this arrived and removed around 10 changes in the history… before I discovered that I would have to do that on 1500 files.

Thanks a lot for any help: the consequence is that all my work is “lost” on many files as I have to open each of them them roll back manually in the history.

If you know what changes you made to them you can simply select all 1500 photos and reverse those changes which will make those reversal changes in one go to all 1500 photos.

When you are on a Mac you might try Time Machine to replace current .dop files with files created before the time the error happened.

On Windows you might try File History which provides a similar function.

Alternatively, if you make regular backups, you could perhaps restore a backup?

History is not retained between sessions on windows. If you’re on windows there is no recourse unless you have separate backups of all the sidecar files.

On mac the revision history is saved. Whether you can roll back all at once I think is not clear.

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If you remember what your error was, you can simply deactivate the respective tools or reset the respective sliders. If you select all images before you act, all images will be changed by your actions.