Help and UI don't seem to match

Have been looking at how to omit areas in a Control Point define circle. Found this on Using Masks PL7:

Protecting part of an image

You can apply a protective Control Point, which prevents another Control Point from applying its correction to a portion of the image. In the toolbar below the image, click on the Control Point icon with the “–” (minus) sign, then click to place the protective Control Point where you want it. Make your corrections with the Equalizer: they will not be applied to the protected area.

You can also combine one or more protective Control points with a Control line.

Tried several times and kept adding… until I saw it is [Alt]+click.

Correct? Why can’t I use a brush here?

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This is due to the very nature of the control point.

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It seems some masks are bitmap (painted masks) and others are more “algorythmics” (control points/lines).
This would probably require a function to convert control point/line masks to bitmap for being able to mix them with brushed masks. But there isn’t.