Hello to All, am the new guy on the block

Just wanted to say a quick Hello,
My name is Mike and I have been testing DXO on my windows systems for about 1.5 months now.
Hopefully will be DXO PhotoLab owner soon. Just need to figure out a few more details of the program.

Have a great day

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Hello Mike :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard!

Svetlana G.

All software has quirks, but over all , PL is a good value for the price IMO.

Feature set, controls. I’m only a few weeks in, purchased “elite”, but am very happy with what I got.

Mike, welcome to the program and Forum. PL is obviously not a full scale editor. But for turning captures into nice pictures I find it the fastest to use.

Hi, Mike. I have been using DxO Optics Pro – now PhotoLab – for several years now. It’s the best for camera & lens support and keeps getting better. The Elite version integrates DxO ViewPoint and FilmPack very nicely.

Thanks for all the welcomes