HEIF Export (10bit)

Please can you add support for exporting as 10 bit HEIF.


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HEIF support has been requested for years. It was being worked on by DxO, but seems to have been abandoned. The following feature request is still open and has 111 votes so far:


HEIF / HEIC is the new JPG. If DxO will not support it, the software will not be sold in the future. Easy peasy. Sorry for the honesty!
Best, Peter

Lets see if HEIC will be the new jpg - future will tell. I remember when the same was said about DNG and then…

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At the moment, JPEG XL seems the more likely candidate. The major technical groups have been on board for a couple of years. Pundits are saying that this would be a done deal if Apple (the browser company) and other browser makers can convince Google (the apparent bad guys) to drop its objection. Further, if this came to pass, that Apple (the smartphone company) would drop jpg and HEIF like a hot potato.

Apple’s support for jpegXL is still very buggy. Photos.app will render about half of the 10-bit jpegXL files wrong, showing only green.
Also, images using REC2020 PQ with areas set above the whitepoint, like HDR (not the Gotham city HDR popular in the 2000s) aren’t flagged as HDR and won’t be displayed as such.

While having jpegXL support would be an improvement of the status quo, you’ll still be disappointed if you plan on using the extra bits.

HEIF support please

HEIF export is one thing. DXO doesn’t even support HEIF editing, not even conversion to 8bit environment is beyond me… That means if you shoot photos with any modern phones or cameras at higher quality, DXO is useless to you unless you manually convert all your photos to JPEG first…