HEIC compatibility

More and more of the time, iPhone images come out as HEIC pictures. While it looks like this has been discussed going back to 2016 (or before), as yet DXO has yet to offer that format for Photolab. Yes, there are work arounds but why take a higher definition picture and degrade it to a JPG so that you can edit it in Photolab?

Don’t forget to vote yourself.
And don’t hold your breath, I feel it is unlikely DxO will support this format in the near future.

It was said to be coming at one time but I think some one pointed out that phones used it and never seen again

Yes, there are already feature requests for this, to which you can add your vote. At the very least, look at this one:

I don’t think a new topic and vote count will help, unless you’re asking for something different than was previously asked for.