Heads up on MacOS Mojave issues

I have been running the public beta of MacOS Mojave for some time now trying to see how all my current apps and workflows may or may not be affected.

I have been quite pleased that DxO PhotoLab has been working quite well with just two cosmetic issues.

In High Sierra, the Presets window contains text that is white and assume normal type. In Mojave, the text appears black and seemingly as boldface. Against the standard gray background it is difficult to see. When an item in the presets is selected the text does turn white.

A similar situation occurs with drop down menus which is the only other issue I have encountered.

Other than these issues, performance seem the same as with High Sierra and all functionality including exporting, tools, etc. all seem to be without issue.

I am guessing you are testing with the developers beta (well, should be) and not sure if you encountered this but thought I would bring it to your attention.

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As an update, these issues still exist in the released version of Mojave.

Also, is there ever going to be support for the iPhone 8? There is an iPhone 8+ and an iPhone X, but no iPhone 8 module.


I haven’t upgraded to Mojave, yet. Are these issues fixed with PL2? According to technical details in the store
MacOS 10.14 Mojave is supported

Just a quick note - after a few days of using the new version - no crashes. Looks promising so far!

  • Jon

All the issues seem to have been addressed, however, as far as the iPhone 8 support, it is generated corrupted tiffs from the iPhone RAW files. Doesn’t matter if 8 bit or 16 bit. JPEG conversion is fine. As I rarely use the iPhone for photos, it is not an earth shattering issue for me.

However, from what I have seen, PL2 really isn’t much more than a point release we had to pay for.