HDR Efex not saving back to calling application

I have been using Nik plugins from PhotoLab 2 by using “Export to External Application”. This works OK except for HDR Efex, which does not save any modifications back to PhotoLab, instead saves as a new file in my Documents folder, and does not show in PhotoLab.

Same problem in Lightroom, only stranger. When right click on an image in Lightroom, HDR Efex does not appear in list of plugins. So I went to Plugin Manager and saw that HDR Efex was installed and running, but does not appear on menu. I manually installed HDR Efex as an external application in Lightroom and then it shows up in the plugin menu and will run. However, it saves a new file in Documents rather than showing up in Lightroom.

Is this a known issue with HDR Efex, or just me?

Pour obtenir le fichier traité par Nik Coll HDR Efex Pro 2 dans le même répertoire que ses sources, il faut sortir non par “Enregistrer”, en dessous à droite, mais par “fichier”, au dessus à gauche, puis “Enregistrer l’image sous”, cheminer pour définir le répertoire cible et donner enfin un nom au résultat que va produire Efex.
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To get the file processed by Nik Coll HDR Efex Pro 2 in the same directory as its sources, you have to exit not by “Save”, below right, but by “file”, above left, then “Save it” image under ", walk to set the target directory and finally give a name to the result that Efex will produce.
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Merci d’avoir répondu, Paul. I actually found this solution by accident. I noticed a file in my document folder that I did not recognize, and it was the file that was saved there by HDR Efex Pro :laughing: Then I realize you have to use “Save” to tell HDR Efex where to put the photo. Would be nice if it saved in same folder as original by default :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Hi @sgospodarenko … We often see posts about people reporting problems with files saved from various Nik tools not being made available to the calling application … whereas others, including me, never experience this problem … I wonder if this example might provide a clue (?)

Regards, John M