Having Trouble While Installing PhotoLab 6 On PC

Greetings to all, I am encountering a serious issue that I cant seem to solve it anymore. Actually, I am trying to install PhotoLab 6 on my PC, but while installing this software Avast could not allow me to install this. Does anyone have any idea about how can I able to fix it? Any kind of help would be highly appreciated.

Edit: After searching online, I came across this useful guide. You are exactly right, I disabled Avast and then tried to reinstall this. After that the problem got solved. I have no longer any issues while installing this.

This is an Avast issue, not PhotoLab :slight_smile:

I’m not a user of Avast, but faced similar issues with another program and my security suite. The easiest way I guess is the following:

  1. Download the PL6 install package. Do not open it yet
  2. Optional, but advisable for security reasons: disconnect your computer from the internet
  3. Temporarily disable Avast. Most security software has an option to suspend their activity for a while
  4. Install PL6
  5. Enable Avast again
  6. If disconnected in step 2: connect to the internet again

If this doesn’t work or you can’t disable Avast, you have to use their interface to allow the installation file. It probably blocked or even quarantined the installation file. This post on their forum could help you allowing it


Hi and wecome,

Temporarily turn Avast off during installation.

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