Have the ability to protect the editing of an image

It would be nice to have the ability to protect the editing of an image. For example, when editing an image, it would be nice to be able to lock it to avoid inadvertently modifying/deleting it.

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DxO PhotoLab, like most modern photo editing software, uses non-destructive editing. This means the original image remains untouched. Edits are stored as instructions or layers that can be adjusted or even disabled later. This offers a safety net as you can always revert to the original image.
DxO PhotoLab likely uses project files (.dop) that store your edits alongside the original image. Saving a separate project file allows you to go back to a specific editing state if you accidentally make unwanted changes.
Some photo editing software offers a read-only mode that disables editing functions while allowing you to view the image. DxO PhotoLab might not have this specific feature, but you can explore the program’s documentation to see if there’s a similar option.
Once you’re happy with the edits, export a new version of the image as a JPEG or TIFF. This creates a separate file that you can share or store without worrying about modifying the original edit in DxO PhotoLab.

Maintain a regular backup routine for both your original images and project files. This ensures you can recover previous versions in case of accidental alterations.

While these methods can’t completely prevent editing, they provide a safety net and different ways to manage your edited images in DxO PhotoLab.

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So you can simply create a Virtual copy which will give you this untouched version.


I don’t think the poster wants to tprotect the original file - rather to protect the edit - which I get - vote from me.

I was meaning create a VC at the stage he would protect its editing. Then he will have its protected editing.

You are Right .
But as you can say, i would like to have a kind of function “only read picture” …
Because sometime, i change some parameters on the picture or just the number of stars for cotation etc … by non intentional manipulmation … In this case, i expect a lock function to prevent theses kind of bad manipulation .

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Umm, surely the only way to prevent accidental changes would be for the default state of all images to be read-only, meaning the only way you could make any changes would be to first unlock the image. That would be the worst workflow ever! Having to unlock before you do anything would be painful beyond words.

As an idea and a question at the same time … currently the red “Reject” button blocks any export from the (raw) file. Although I personally don’t use this button … if I reject an image to exclude it from a collection or delete it (later), why not also block editing, which is still possible at the moment?

Or to put it another way: Why does the red “Reject” button have to stay as it is?

[ While I have been using PL since 2019 and quite intensively, I just don’t know the reason for the current behavior to block output but not the edit. Somehow that sounds illogical to me. ]

It should be possible to provide a lock mechanism quite elegantly.

Eg after some time has passed since an image was last modified, automatically lock editing. The first time someone tries to edit a locked image (ie any action that modifies the database) put up a dialogue with an option to unlock.

Make the lock time a preference setting, with a default of ‘never’.

I think that this would be intuitive and also have minimal workflow impact.

– Mark

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