Grid Spacing Slider in Customize

Grid spacing can be set in the settings only.
Please add a slider to the customize tool so that we can change the spacing more easily.

Please remind me, @platypus … Where/how is the grid overlay used ?

Sorry; Stupid question :blush:

I had forgotten about this 'cos I don’t use it … What use do you make of the overlay, Platypus ?

I would appreciate the customization of the grid ( grid line color, opacity, line distance ) too.
The ViewPoint v2 included some times ago, but removed from v3. :disappointed_relieved:

in a other app i use the grid shows when manual horizon-leveling was active to assist vertical and horizontal aligning and disappears after a second no change. Here i have to remember to toggle grids ctrl G. Not a biggie but hence if the subject pops up, why isn’t this automated?

I’m not clear on why you’d need that with PL’s Horizon tool (?) … it automatically brings up a line that one uses to align the horizontal(s).

sometimes automatic Horizon does not catch the good line, and other perspective tools as well, so Grid is useful or to check or to better place manually your lines.

Ah, OK - thanks for the clarification, @Pathal … I mostly apply the Horizontal tool in “manual” mode - so, I had not considered that need.

It is a marginal but necessary tool to control perspective correction.
I use the zoom mouse wheel to properly align lines and grid.

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Correct and sometimes the horizonline looks better if the vertical lines and horizon lines are not “water levelled” but a little shifted to make it more pleasing to the eye. by adjusting viewpoint geometric and looking lines until it looks natural. In those occasions a grid is very usefull to oversee your adjustments accros the image. For a straight auto horizon leveling or use the horizonline tool and be done, no then a grid isn’t necessary.
Manual toggle G does the job but auto show/hide would be nice, same as gridsize in a view presets big- medium- small.

I use the grid mainly as a complementary tool during perspective and leveling corrections and to help establish symmetries. Varible grid spacing helps find edges or lines that I want aligned.

Forcing a rectangle is easy but not always correct e.g. if you take old buildings that can be distorted by age and that you might not be able to photograph from a central position. In these cases, I use the respective tool’s sliders and use the grid for reference. If grid spacing were changeable and the grid could be toggled on and off with easy to use sliders or kb shortcuts, those works would be easier to do.

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Yes, that’s an excellent point … I find an easy/efficient way to achieve this is via the Intensity-slider on the Perspective tool. I have found that ~75% provides a good natural look in most situations.

Regards, John M

Yes, please !

found on a place i didn’t suspect:
preferences- display: overlay grid size. default 50 , stepless 5-200(mm?)

…yes, there it is and my point is that the grid size setting should be changeable without having to go to the preferences…

yes, indeed that would be better. preferences just for default . size it always appears.
mousewheel as adjust control?

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