Grid improvements - percentage, subdivisions & colour

I find the current grid facility somewhat basic and frustrating. The grid is sized by an amount which usually yields less than a whole number of ‘boxes’. That’s all the control you’re given.

  1. I would like to enter a percentage - e.g. 5% would yield 20 whole divisions

  2. I would like sub divisions with a fainter line. - e.g. 4% main / 6 subdivisions would yield 24

One huge (to me) benefit is that when correcting geometry, I get a centred vertical line as part of the grid. This enables me to rotate the image to correct for verticals at the centre of the image. Then manual keystone correction will be much easier from that point.

  1. Allow changing the grid line colour. Having it fixed does not suit all images.

DxO Grid:

Photoshop Grid (25% grid with 8 subdivisions):

Grid colour can be set here:

I suppose that you want to see grid spacing and -colour not as a setting, but as something that is visible whenever the grid is active, like e.g. crop settings etc.

Interesting differences there. This what I have on Windows:

:bell: :bell: :bell: :bell: :bell: :bell: :bellhop_bell: :bellhop_bell: Differences :bell: :bell: :bell:

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Which difference?

On Mac we can define the grid space in Preference>Display:

In “Taille de la grille” (Grid size, I guess).

Yes, in PS I’ve set the grid to 33,3% and 4 subdivisions, which gives me

  • always a centered line
  • always showing 1/3 of the pic’s width and height
  • independent of the pic’s aspect ratio

– also after cropping !

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Yes and in Windows too, but not the Coleur de la grille :grin:

And the bells are for DXO staff :joy: