Greens as in foliage/grass

I reckon PL is an amazing piece of software but if there is one area I continually struggle with it is in getting greens to look acceptable (at least to me). In C1 and Lr foliage etc always looks pretty good to start with whilst in PL it always looks off and I just cannot find an easy way to balance it (can’t find a way at all really). What am I missing? I Know it must be me!

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…I continually struggle with it is in getting greens to look acceptable (at least to me)… …I Know it must be me![/quote]
What are your source files? RAW / TIFF / JPEG? If RAW files, what format and from which camera?

It might not be you because the greens in RAW, .CR3, files from my Canon 90D in PL4 & 5 sometimes have a decidedly yellow cast to them that is not present if the same files are processed by Canon’s own DPP software of Affinity Photo.

I traced most of my hassles with this yellow cast to colour management. By ensuring my monitor was properly set up in its Adobe RGB mode and exporting from PL5 using the Adobe RGB colour profile and then converting the image to sRGB in Affinity Photo things are much better.

Since color is subjective, it’s hard to comment on what you say unless we can see the image, for example.

That being said, personally I rarely find that every scene has all the colors to my liking, but PhotoLab not only offers a wide range of tools to tweak colors and tone, but there is a very wide range of different color rendering stiles, so you can use many color rendering options to find the one that matches the colors you like of a particular scene. I think PhotoLab elite edition has probably 50-60 different color rendering styles, plus you can load custom profiles as well. Meaning if you are so inclined, you can make the colors virtually identical to what you get in Lr or C1. If that is what you prefer.

For example, if you like color rendering of Lightroom, you can find DCP profiles that ship along with Lightroom or Adobe Camera Raw and load those profiles into PhotoLab to match the color rendering of the one you get with Lightroom. I haven’t tried it with CaptureOne, but I think it’s a similar process.

Or you can do what I do and test many different color rendering modes.

Possibilities are endless. Here are just some examples of changing color rendering. Take your pick. You can find any color you like to match your taste.

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