Great Product! Just a few features from being perfect

It would be amazing if a watermark could be overlayed in the exporting functions. Not like lightroom does it, which is really inflexible. But more like Capture One does it, where you can move the watermark and export.

It would be great if keywords supported the standard hierarchy. I often group my clients by name as well as function (hair, makeup, etc). As it is now, this is just a pile of words and it isn’t useful.

I have to say, the product exceeded my expectations in most ways! So close to kicking Capture One out and replacing it with this!


Welcome. I’m glad you like PhotoLab. There are a whole host of fixes, feature upgrades, and new feature requests in the backlog. Watermarking has been discussed before, and so has the keyword hierarchy. Unfortunately there are a limited number of updates and new features implemented in annually upgraded versions, and point updates throughout the year. As a result, regardless of any great new features and enhancements that are implemented , many hoped for features often remain in the backlog for quite some time. While I can’t say what DXO’s thinking is on the matter of watermark’s, I suspect the addition of this feature is not high on their list. They tend to focus their resources mostly on image quality and performance.


Hello @sedetweiler and welcome to the Forum!

Thank you for the kind words. Mark is correct, Watermark is in our backlog and not in the bottom position. So I can’t say anything about the timeframe but for sure it will be implemented in PL.

Svetlana G.

Hello Svetlana,
excellent news!
I waiting for to include it in my normal workflow.

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Thanks, very impressive. Really I appreciate you to continue your work.