Graduated Filter rate of change?

I’m visualizing the PL graduated filter tool as working like a GND, where it’s darker at one end, and feathers out midway-ish, only the tool extends to just that midway-ish point. A GND filter has darkening that changes from one edge to the other, and the PL tool has multiple effects that change from one edge to the other. Is that right?

Is there a way to adjust the rate of change of effects-application from one end to the other? Change it from soft edge to hard? Specify how hard?

Hello @bobkoure,

Well, for now the functionality you are talking about is not possible. Maybe in future.

Svetlana G.

DPL’s grad tool has two lines: one marking the beginning and an one for the end. Beyond these lines, the effects are kept constant. Shift the lines to where you want and you’re set. The lines can also be shifted outside of the preview.
I often wish the sliders were longer so that the effect can be adjusted more easily. A modifier key to slow down things would be nice too…

Depending on where you put these lines, you can get what you need. See the screenshots below. They show (a rather extreme) example of what you can do.