Graduated Filter & Control Points together?

Is there a way of adding - Control Points with a graduated filter? Circumstances such as a sky with a couple of trees which fall within the graduated filter but do not want to be included in adjustment?


You can add as many controlpoints over your graduated filter as you like.
Use the local adjustment palette to select the made “layer” to hide, visualize, set opaticty(strength) invert.

To keep track of it you can rename the layers to your liking.
Bluesky and trees are target for controlpoints, i think i left here a example of a adjusment with graduate filter and lots of controlpoints and don’t forget the excelent use of negative controlpoints to block influence of controlpoints.
It’s a dune and trees image with sun low. Where i did the example.

Thank you, be good to see your example please?


Found an other from me, a quick and dirty one.

Se if i can find the other one
Yes here it is.