Gradient Filter, Colour Temperature and Clear View

I have a landscape image which is using a global clear-view adjustment to reduce haze plus a white balance adjustment to slightly warm up the image.

If I then add a gradient filter or control line covering the sky area and make a local edit to the white balance (here to cool down the sky a little), both the masked and non-masked areas of the image are affected.

Is this expected behaviour with, or a bug? If it is expected behaviour, what is the recommended way to combine clear view plus with local edits to the colour temperature?

Win or Mac?

If you use the command to show the masks, what do you see?

Some screenshots would be helpful.

On the Mac (M1 Max, 32GB Ram). The masks all look fine, and the problem occurs even with a simple single gradient filter.

It is really easy to reproduce - just enable clear view with a scene containing mist (eg hazy mountain landscape), add a gradient filter and drag the colour temperature slider. The slider changes both the area under the mask but also any where clear view has had a significant impact.

I may be able to upload a video showing this, but I will need to find a suitable host.

I now realize I’ve seen this happen before on Windows, too, with PL5. It seems to me that the global adjustment of ClearView Plus is particularly strong, affects white balance, and is being applied on top of any local adjustments rather than first. Something to consider: ClearView Plus, even when applied globally, only affects certain parts of the image and in varied ways. The same can be said about Smart Lighting, which is similarly affected by local adjustments. I guess it’s intended behavior. To avoid it, try applying ClearView Plus locally and not globally.

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yes, an interesting effect :slight_smile:


I’ve just tried this and can confirm that the same thing happens with PL5 in a Windows setup.