GPU problems with Deep Prime XD

My Windows 10 PC with a Radeon RX580 (Driver 22.5.1) with Deep Prime XD issues a “Bug Report Tool: AMD software detected that a drover timeout has occurred”. It worked okay with Deep Prime in PL5. If I change my AMD setting on GPU workload from graphics to compute it works, but then other software such as On1 crashes. I have also had problems with Topaz DeNoiseAI v3.7.0 crashing with this GPU so I have set both PL6 and Topaz to use the GPU only (Ryzen 9 3900x) but Deep Prime XD takes about 2.5 minutes to export the tiff file. I am considering switching to an Nvidia GTX 1060. Any thoughts?

Read down a good distance and note the paragraph beginning “Under Windows, and only if you own a low-end GPU”. Follow the instructions carefully below that. You will have to edit the config file using Adminstrator privileges in order to save it back in the directory.

This fixed my issues, and also avoids tickling the Radeon bug that runs the GPU’s processor to 100% until a logoff/logon has been done.


If enabled, disable OpenCL. That really helps too.

I have/had the same issues with my RX480 which essentially is the same card

Thanks very much. At least this confirms that my Radeon RX580 is likely not really suitable for the job. I haven’t been able to figure out how to edit the config file as notepad won’t let me save it despite that I’m the administrator of my PC. I am considering buying a new GPU after reading the requirements need at least a higher end card. I am hoping I can find out if the cards they list will really work and if this is my best solution.I see there are numerous manufacturers of cards with theses chips and I see some have 1 fan and some have 2 fans. I’d go for 2 fans. If anyone reading this has a suggestion I’d like to hear it.

" * Windows recommended requirements:

NVIDIA RTX™ 2060, AMD Radeon™ RX 6600 or better with latest drivers"

G’day Ken - Is it possible your system is a Dell Optiplex (I’m guessing that from mention of Radeon RX~)

If so, you may find this helpful. Best dedicated GPU for Dell OptiPlex (NVIDIA and AMD)

John M

Those are the recommended requirements. I use a RX480, which is essential an RX580, and that is quite suitable for the job. Sure, newer GPU’s may work better but in this case it are the AMD drivers that are buggy. Some versions work better than other.

What I did to solve it is set that Compute thing that’s giving you problems in other software and I disabled OpenCL. I do get the occasional driver crash (because that’s what is happening) but in most cases I can safely export large batches.

Thanks to everyone who replied. My system is a custom built PC and the shop that did it locally used the RX580. I’ve had problems from the start with it but got it running okay lately. The card crashed Topaz DeNoiseAI so I disabled the GPU for that. Now that DeepPrimeXD is also problematic I decided to upgrade so I just ordered the Radeon RX 6600 which I found for $240 at Best Buy (delivered in 2 days). Perhaps I can sell the RX580 on eBay so it won’t be a big expense. Upgrades of any sort are usually a pain but I hadn’t anticipated it with Deep Prime XD. The power consumption specs for the new card are less than the the old one so I hope it will go smoothly. If only upgrading hardware and software improved my images!

Yes, that’s an important consideration … Good luck with the new gear.

John M

Thank you! This actually fixed the issue with my RX 480.
Unlike what the OP described, export on my machine would crash “only” about 50% of the time. Probably there is more than one cause for these crashes.

If Notepad won’t save it: Save the edited config file to another directory. Go to that directory and check if Notepad added a ‘.txt’. You’ll have to rename it to delete the ‘.txt’ extension.

Then copy the file back to the original location. You’ll get the chance to approve the copying if you have Admin privileges.