GPU Load stays high after using Photolab 4

I have a rather strange problem. I am using a RX570 GPU which works fine with Photolab 4 and DeepPrime.
When I start Photolab the GPU load and power consumption increases from 9 Watt (Windows Idle) to around 30-40 Watt. This is even if I dont do anything in Photolab. Also the GPU frequency jumps to the max and stays there at 1300Mhz.

Now even when I close Photolab the GPU load stays high like this. 30-40 Watt usage, GPU speed stays at 1300Mhz That is quite anoying because the fan starts to spin. Only a reboot solves this.
Its definitely related to Photolab. I can run Windows for hours without this happening otherwise.

I am using the latest graphics cards drivers on latest Windows 10 Home.

Anyone expiriencing the same problem? Any solution to this?

Are you running any accelerator software for your card? Do you run any other software besides Photolab that uses your GPU? If so, I wonder if you would get the same results running that software.


Once photolab is closed I doubt there is anything left actually loading the GPU. High clock rate and associated higher voltage will increase power consumption, but, that isn’t load.

GPU power management and performance adjustment to meet load is a driver/bios thing possibly overridden by tweaking applications like AMD’s Adrenalin. I would be looking for problems/settings in that area.

Thanks for your quick answers. I do not run any other software besides Photolab that uses the GPU and for this test I did not use any accelerator software. As soon as I start Photolab GPU load goes to 100% in AMDs Radeon Performance Monitor. Watt usage goes up to around 40 Watt and stays there no matter what I do. Even if I close Photolab. I also used ProcessExplorer to check if I could see a task still running but I didnt see anything obvious.

However, I think I found an answer and a workaround for now: I am also seeing the same problems described in this thread: PL4 with AMD RX580: Save has Failed Internal Error (Correction failed on the execute stage) - #19 by John-M

I reverted back to AMD driver version 21.2.3 (had 21.8.2 before) and this solves the problem. GPU load is still at 100% and Watt at 40 when using Photolab but it goes back to normal when I close it. I can live with that.

So I guess its a problem with the driver version as others have also expirenced. Right now I can live with the older version and I hope the next driver version from AMD or the next Photolab version will fix this issue.

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