GPU hardware acceleration in other programs appears to make PureRAW 3 stop processing files


After reformatting my PC I encountered a problem with PureRAW 3 which appears to be related to GPU hardware acceleration.
When it is processing images it appears to stop working once another program that also uses hardware acceleration is running at the same time.
I noticed that it appears to be related to hardware acceleration after I switched to the latest Nvidia studio driver in an attempt to fix the issue. While my system installed the driver, Discord, which was also set to use hardware acceleration, crashed. I restarted processing the RAW files and after that I restarted Discord. Once Discord was fully restarted PureRAW stopped proccessing the files again. It was completely stuck with the remaining time getting longer and longer. GPU utilization in the task manager was at 0%.
After turning off hardware acceleration in Discord and restarting PureRAW 3 everything worked normally.

I am using an Nvidia RTX 4060, a Ryzen 7 5800X and 32gb of RAM. The OS is Windows 11.
In Windows I also turned off hardware accelerated GPU scheduling in an attempt to fix the problem but that did not help.

Before reformatting I did not have this issue at all. Though I am not entirely sure if I disabled hardware acceleration in Discord before installing PureRAW back then.

I am not entirely sure if I should even call this a bug but it might be useful information for others with the same issue.

Have a nice day!

Good find! Maybe this has something to do with it?