GPU and Raw processing performance changes through time


I’m still on my trial but updated to 3.1… it now seems snappier, however a ‘bug’ i seem to have is still present and i cannot get to the bottom of it.

I have done a number of 20 file exports to PR3 (limit of demo) and they tend to process in around 6 minutes using DPXD - this is on a 24 core dual Xeon machine with PCIE SSD and very fast SSD raid array and 64gb DDR4 ECC ram - Graphics card is a 3060 8gb - i’m stoked with 6 minutes

Anyway after a period of time or something that triggers it - the processing time goes up to 40+ minutes - no GPU usage… and very little CPU usage… its curious… and annoying - restarting PC brings it back to nailing the GPU and processing quickly

Has anyone seen this issue?


Just to add that I have noticed in Task manager that Chrome uses upto 100% GPU when PR3 is processing this images when this happens… seems a bit strange… well a lot strange really.

PR3 shows no GPU usage


Hello, just encountered something similar, though my setup is inferior than yours (Ryzen 5 3600, GTX 1080).

Yesterday, I processed about 130 pics (20 MPx) with Deep Prime XD. While a 1440p youtube video was playing, progress was very slow and Pure Raw indicated 5 hours to complete the task. Lowering the video resolution to 480p sped the processing of all these pics up to a more reasonable 1 hour.

Watching high quality videos, it can put quite a load on the GPU, especially if:

  • The provider compresses videos heavily to reduce bandwith usage;
  • Your CPU doesn’t have an iGPU that can take over this kind of task and free the discrete GPU for Pure Raw.

So, I don’t know if your slow down happened when you were watching videos / visiting websites that use 3D accelerated things, but that can be an explanation

If you identify that to be the case, and your CPU does have an iGPU, you should be able to force Chrome to use the iGPU instead of your 3060. That way you should have the best of both worlds.

Hope this helps!

@Klausto Thanks for the response. I normally have a few hundred tabs open as well as a 3d printer slicer package or 2 plus CAD software, but never actively using them when this happened. I think I may have got to the bottom of it though… In a previous version of PR3 I had created an NVIDIA control panel profile for PR3… and it appears that this was doing weird stuff. Once the profile was removed its not done it again and processing time is minimal. For 20 fuji xt4 files in DPXD and standard sharpness… it takes a little under 6 minutes. Your 1080 shouldnt be too far behind my 3060 for this kind of stuff? Pretty sure your ryzen would be faster though as I have heaps of cores but all at low ghz… and its not like a lot of these apps are seriously multithreaded… they rely more on clock speed.

I dont have an igpu as its a server system (Dell T430) but as long as chrome is not being actively used it should be dormant with the GPU… either way I don’t think that was the issue…

Again thanks for your reply and thoughts


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Hey, my apologies for coming back after so long, got a lot on my plate these times haha.

It makes a whole lot of sense !

My Ryzen is really not up to the task compared to the 1080. I’d say that any kind of somewhat recent GPU should outperform most mid range CPUs with DPXD.

Thank your for explaining your findings, hopefully someone in need will stumble upon this thread and find useful info :slight_smile: