GPU acceleration lost after using the plugin


Currently I am using Windows 10 pro 20H2, RTX3090 with latest Nvida Studio driver and Photoshop 2021. I found that after using the plugin e.g. color efex, to manipulate the photo and exit back to the workspace. The photo is no longer able to use the GPU resources, for example, zooming in/out the photo and that photo would be switched to use CPU resources. And sometimes, there is strange palette generated on the photo workspace window.

It is reproduce-able, and it is normal for using GPU resources and camera raw, once I triggered the nik collection plugin and go back to workspace, it happens caption behaviour.

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Exact same issue here. Only difference is display adapter Quadro rtx 6000 here. Total loss of acceleration after applying any filer from Nik.

I submitted ticket to support, captured pc log to them at 12/14/2020, but never has any feedback so far. I am really wonder why did they claim they are compatible with Photoshop 2021.

Here is the reply by DXO support:

"Thank you for your patience as we worked with Adobe to diagnose your issue further. After a long discussion with Adobe, we believe that this issue may be caused by Photoshop, not by Nik Collection by DxO. They have said that this issue should hopefully be fixed in an upcoming release, versions 22.2, but they do not have a date for release at this time.In the meantime, there are some workarounds you can try to temporarily solve the issue:

  1. Turn off GPU
  2. and / or Deactivate the ruler (press cmd + R on Mac and on Windows ctrl + R)
  3. and / or Change workspace
  4. and or use temporarily previous version of Photoshop : Adobe Photoshop 2020 (21.2.4) as well: you can start a workflow on PS 2021 without using Nik, and continue with saved .psd file on previous version of PS 2020 using Nik, and eventually get back to PS 2021.

If none of these workarounds work for you, we do ask for your patience and wait to test the upcoming release by Adobe of version 22.2 coming soon."

:+1: That’s certainly impressive !!

John M