GPU acceleration at export answered own question :P

Windows 10 user looking to increase exporting times with prime activated
The intuitive solution is to use a GPU in place of the CPU.
This has been covered on the DXO site already to which i will compile the key points again and likely answer my own question.
I will voice it again and hope we can make some steps forward.

To activate OpenCL
I did what DXO user koenfietst, Koen Kaldenberg suggested,
“In Windows 10 do the following:
Go to
Windows Settings
Graphics Settings (at the bottom)
Classic app
Browse (the button)
C:\Program Files\DxO\DxO PhotoLab 3\Dxo PhotoLab.exe
Select High Performance
Restart PhotoLab and now you can select the OpenCL.”

Haven done this, exporting with prime selected gave similar results to before selecting OpenCL.
Checking GPU usage shows no activity, still dependent on CPU.

This said generally DXO PL (previews and alike) were notably faster with OpenCL active :slight_smile:

Three comments below shed some light onto why DXO does not support export with GPU.

  1. uncoy, Alec Kinnear ON May '19 said,
    “[…]Keep in mind that for export, DxO won’t be able to use GPU acceleration as there are fine errors in colour and detail which come up.
    Not an issue for preview, but not what you want for final output.
    These errors are why Adobe has problems with GPU acceleration for final output in Premiere 2.[…]”

  2. DXO Team Member CaptainPO posted on Oct 2019:
    “Hi Everyone
    GPU acceleration has been part of our axes of development for quite a while, though it hasn’t been effective yet.
    It’s a hard balance to find between all our algorithms, that are purely CPU, and we’ve already tried some “porting” which didn’t led to satisfying results.
    It’s a logical evolution, that we keep on tracking, but on which at the moment, and for the moment, we can’t provide you a viable answer.
    I’ll close this topic and release the votes.
    Thanks to you all.
    The DxO Team”

  3. User sn1p3r29a on Aug '19,
    “Not long ago, I have asked DxO guys about GPU processing and optimisation in general. […]
    I was told that there is no GPU processing for images and it is used only for previews. There is no optimisation for any CPU, just general SSE4 for example.”

Well this has answered my question sufficiently enough to close the book here XD

Thank you DXO for openCL on Windows its not quite what is wanted but i now somewhat understand the issues faced. All the best with cracking the nut which is GPU acceleration at export! :slight_smile:


Well, when I set DPL to only use the cpu, exporting an image takes 70 seconds. When I set it to “Automatic”, the same export takes 10 seconds.
(DPL on macOS Mojave on 8core iMac 2019)

Cool, Still rocking PL 3.3 and Windows so not sure if i have this option (automatic).

This is new to PL4. OpenCL only benefits rendering of HQ noise reduction. In PL4, the new DeepPRIME noise reduction can make use of a GPU for better performance, if the GPU is capable. The Automatic setting eases the choice between CPU and GPU rendering of DeepPRIME. Hope that helps.

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