GPS tagging

Does anyone know what specific piece of information PhotoLab uses to determine that a photo contains a GPS location? I ask because I am puzzled by what I am seeing in PL2.

I started adding GPS information to my photos about a year ago. My camera, an Olympus E-M1.2, does not write GPS information to the images, but Olympus offers a phone app that does the logging and I use Houdah Geo to add the information to the photos. I recently returned from a trip and added the GPS information to the raw and jpg images, but noticed that some of the images do not display the GPS Info icon when edited in PL2.

Here is a screen shot of one. You can see that the GPS Info icon is not present.

Here is the GPS info in that image:

Here is a screen shot of another photo, and you can see that the GPS info icon is present.

And here is the GPS info in that photo.

I can not see any difference between the type of information in each photo, but the first does not display the GPS info icon in PL2 while the second does, and both photos were handled exactly the same way.

When I look at the same photos in either Lightroom or CaptureOne I see the GPS info and can link to a map that shows the location, but the first does not display any GPS icon in PL2 and I don’t know why.

Was the problem photo touched by PL2 prior to you modding the EXIF info? If so probably a database/caching issue.


That is an interesting question. I don’t know, but it is possible. I will remove the database and try again. I will post my results.


Yes. That was the problem. Thanks for the idea.