GPS Coordinates 0/0/0

When I enter the coordinates 0/0/0 in Lightroom, open the files in DPL5 and write settings (.dop) files, coordinates are saved like this:

  	GPSAltitude = 0,
  	GPSLatitude = -0,
  	GPSLongitude = -0,
  • GPS 0/0/0 entered in DPL will display as
    0 south and 0 east, while LrC will display 0 north and 0 west.
  • GPS 1/1/0 entered in DPL will display as
    1 north and 1 west, as does LrC.

You might like to rethink β€œ0” and whether it is positive or negative. From a math point of view, 0 is neither of both.

From looking at definitions of the prime meridian, I would say that committing the β€˜-’ is correct because most sensible software is going to use the simple test that anything less than 0 is West and, if the GPS coordinates are written as a string of characters, that test is usually implemented by parsing looking for the β€˜-’ symbol.

However, ExifTool shows the GPS position of an iPhone image as…

[Composite] GPS Position : 48 deg 38' 49.43" N, 3 deg 35' 1.19" W

So there is no ambiguity.

Not being able to immediately go to somewhere on the meridian, I can’t verify what the iPhone would give for 0Β°

270 is west too… Anyway, whatever comes along and works is welcome (even if it curls my toenails)

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