GoToWebinar installer / plugin

I was signed up for the DxO webinar on Wedding Photography scheduled for 8pm today UK GMT.

I followed the link to the webinar and got a request to install the GoToWebinar Opener.exe.

I have a policy of not opening unknown exe files on my comp so did a check on the file.

Not exactly convinced that I even WANT to install this

Anyone have any thoughts or knowledge about this file?

It’s certainly prudent to be careful about opening/running unknown exes on your system - - All the same, I’ve not experienced any problems using GoToWebinar to “attend” DxO presentations.

John M

Have used GotoWebinar for many years now for private but also business webinars - never had any problems.

Thanks for the replies. Wasn’t so much the exe that bothered me, it was the detail that I found when checking it’s contents that gave me pause for thought.