Gone back to version 7.5 for Windows

I deleted 7.6 and reinstalled 7.5. Why?

7.5 does not have the three main problems that I encountered with 7.6 - LUT selection; Colour Wheel issues and the copy and paste the White Balance issue.

I was waiting for 7.7 to see if these were going to be addressed but it looks like a new potential problem is in the works.

My graphics computer is not connected to the Internet and this 37 day nonsense will not work for me.

If this trend continues, then I will be looking at Topaz or I may go back to Lightroom. The other day, I watched a video on some simple edits that are time-consuming with PL yet are so simple with LR - e.g. selecting a multi-toned sky partially covered with trees.

There are many unresolved problems that will probably never be fixed. One of them is a - still present - problem from at least PL4.

DXO really need to look at their business outlook and decide if they want customers or not.


There was an update to PhotoLab 7.7. The current version is 7.7.1.


Yes but it still says 37 days and no mention of the other problems.

My point is have you determined if that version has any of the problems of the earlier PL 7 updates?


No, not directly. It is doubtful that they will go back to the previous LUT selection method and I have not seen anyone make any comments regarding the HSL Colour Wheel or the White Balance issues being fixed in 7.7.1

If these are fixed then great but there is still the potential issue of the 37 days.

I wouldn’t assume the 37 days doesn’t also apply to earlier versions of PL 7 just because its not documented. In my experience, after having been here for almost 7 years, DxO has a terrible habit of not updating documentation on a timely basis.


The following appeared in local user.config (Win), and is not present for

<setting name=“ShowExpiringGracePeriodDialog” serializeAs=“String”>

Release notes for 7.7.0 did not mention deactivation after 37 days without Internet connection, it only appeared in 7.7.1.

How do you download a previous version?

Not possible without digging your download history or backup - if you do have a backup.

I keep the previous install files and this was the first time I actually used it.

correct, looking at PL5 and PL6 up to PL 7.6 there is no mention of 30+ days connection, but don’t take it for granted.

Caution: Any update can introduce the new licensing controls, not only for PhotoLab, but for all other apps or versions too. I currently keep a bunch of versions for testing on my Macs:

Whether DPL on Windows allows parallel installations, I cannot say,

I mostly keep installers for the newest two versions for fallback.

A number of users here keep the last 3 or 4 or more older versions of PhotoLab installed in parallel on their Windows machines. I usually keep only the newest version and the most current previous version installed on mine.


Yes, but for major versions only, not for point updates.

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i only keep 2 on Mac, because there’s also time machine if need to go further back.