Glitches in the Noise Reduction detail view

Anyone else getting this? I will apply deep prime and then this happens. Not all the time but regularly. I have also gotten similar artifacts on one of my rendered photos, but just for or five black lines. Very odd. No rhyme or reason just happened once but I have only exported perhaps 20 or so photos in the last two weeks while I have been using the program.

Deep Prime Glitch 2
Deep Prime Glitch

In case of a Fuji x-trans cam – DeepPrime is not supported yet.
Otherwise I think it’s a “result” of the used GPU.

But others will know better.

Thanks for the thought. I did own a Fuji camera for a little while and took a fair number of pictures with it. I will keep my eyes out for that.

Good morning @UnclePapiPicante ,

Could you, please, provide us with the image file + .dop (sidecar) and output image to reproduce and investigate the issue?

Please, upload it via with your forum name and let us know when ready.

Thank you
Svetlana G.