Give the User control of the Drives searched when a Search request is made

If I conduct a search for files, PL5 searches everything including drives which are not connected. This also includes Input devices which, by their nature, will be regularly cleared (sd cards). In all these cases the search will yield “?”. Surely it is not beyond the wit of man to exclude these from the search results - it doesn’t even need AI! Please let the user decide which Drives should be included in the search.

PhotoLab’s search would be more helpful, if it could
a) be restricted to find things below a given location only (as I think is proposed here) or
b) point out found items in a way that included the items’ path.

As of now, PhotoLab can’t “forget” images found on a memory card, unless one has moved (not copied) images off the card with DPL.DPL is programmed to remember all image files it saw. That is why there is no explicit “import” function.

PS: vote for your proposal.

Absolutely correct platypus.