Ghost Local Adjustments keep on reappearing

Hi, I am using DXO 5.2 build 4732. I have an issue with a group of ARWs that have the same group of local adjustments that keep on reappearing and overwriting any other local adjustments I have. If I make the adjustments I want and then export it is as expected, but sometimes the errant local correction reappears, and overwrites my new local corrections. sometimes I also can see the local corrections in the image window, but the layer doesn’t show up in the right hand side tool window that lists all the local adjustment layers. Any clue whats going on?

Hi Lucas and welcome to the Forum!

Are you sure, your Local Adjustments had been finalized (written properly) before hitting export,
e.g. by deactivating
grafik ?

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We might need to know more about your workflow. Is it possible that you’re applying a preset (automatically?) that includes some unwanted local adjustments?

In version 5 local adjustment changing between upoint (controlpoint) and control line is done inside the SAME layer.
So any adjustment done in the latter is also done in the first.
(always click on new layer is a good automatism to learn.)

Can you show some examples?

So we can see what you exactly mean?

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Thank you, I think maybe the comment from Wolfgang helps, I was not always turning off the local adjustment tool after finishing using it. But the issue is intermittent and I can’t reproduce it on command, but what will happen is…

  1. open DXO
  2. see unwanted masks in the local adjust lister window (these seem to have all been copied from a specific photo in the folder)
  3. remove unwanted masks
  4. make adjustments as desired to multiple images
  5. select desired photos in image browser and export to disk.
  6. all edited images revert to the unwanted mask/local adjustments (sometimes, they would reappear after 3 or 4 sessions where they had not reappeared)

it’s inconsistent and frustrating! But, maybe it’s user error/poor (to me) UI design choices more than a real ‘bug’, or the two are conflated. if I can reliably recreate it I will revisit, but for now, I think I have gotten enough help to avoid the issue. It looks like I was able to remove the unwanted masks and they have not reappeared yet.

Thanks for the help!


Hello @skantron and welcome to the forum,

Well, I need more info from you to reproduce the issue and see if it’s a bug or not.

  • Could you, please make a video of your workflow? You can use ShareX free app for that if you don’t have any.

P.S. If you can’t attach the video here, you can upload it via and let me know when ready.

Thank you

Svetlana G.