GH6 and 42.5mm F1.2 Nocticron Optics module not recognized

This is a double post since I didn’t see my other one come up, maybe it will pop up later… if it does I’ll delete one (sorry). Writing to mention that the optics module for the GH6 and 42.5mm F1.2 Nocticron isn’t being recognized. I have it installed on my PL5 but the library shows that theres no matching profile. I dont love the unsharp mask results versus what I imagine a proper profile would do. Any help?

Hi Daniel and welcome.

Not sure that I understand. Are you saying that the module exists and you have downloaded it but PL5 refuses to use it? Can you upload a RAW file to a sharing service(such as Dropbox) and post the link here so that we can better understand what is happening?

Indeed, the GH6+Nocticron module does exist and I downloaded it but the software wont apply it. Heres a RAW: Dropbox - P1011433.RW2 - Simplify your life

Thanks for the help.

Hello Daniel Rodriguez,
I just used my Nocticron with the GH6.
It works perfectly.

Hi Daniel & welcome,

  • downloaded your file,
  • installed the lens module,
  • made a virtual copy of your file,
  • reset the VC to “No Corrections”
  • compared them and saw, the profile was properly applied

The “Unsharp Mask” is off by default. → To control corner sharpness, adjust “Edge Offset”.

BTW, always check your pic at 75% min.

PL 5.4.0 build 72 on Mac, downloaded the raw, PL shows exactly the same behaviour on mine as the OP describes - module download is triggered, but it is not used for that image:

I am using the latest DXO version with Windows 11.

The lens identification seems to be missing the ASPH part on the Mac version.

@DanielRdotcom, are you using a Mac?

Could this simply be a database/sqlite problem for PL in macOS?
The module references are stored in db while the files are written to my the profile dedicated directory.

Does it only affect GH6 lenses or any “not previously downloaded” profiles?

I agree that the module is not being applied to the photo. I suspect that since both the camera and lens are new there may be something amiss with the module and a reworking of the module may be required @Marie .

I am on Mac yes, seems to be the issue if the windows version has it working

Oh well, as long as the devs know about it a fix will surely come eventually

Just to be clear, there are other lens profiles that apply correctly for the GH6, and the GH5 + Nocticron combo has a correct profile, its just the GH6 + Nocticron that seems to not be identified properly

Hello @DanielRdotcom ,

can you try again ?
We did an update and it should fix the issue.


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YESSSS, IT WORKS! You guys rock, thanks a bunch!