Getting better results in Pure Raw 3 than in Pure Raw 4

Strangely I’m getting better noise reduction and photo detail results in Pure Raw 3 than in Pure Raw 4

I tried this test multiple times with different photos and either the PR 3 one is better or the same

I tried using the default settings on PR 4 and i also tried adjusting them

My cameras are Canon R5 and Canon R6II

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@Girnas89 I had a brief try of the PureRaw 4 before the trial licence expired and I was not entirely convinced that it was superior when compared with a PureRaw 3 trial or PhotoLab (7), certainly with the results from some of my tests during the short window of opportunity I had.

It would be informative if you could include some samples of PR3 versus PR4 exports for other users to see what you have seen and possibly to show images that they have exported where PR4 definitely outshines PR3!

Sadly DxO chose to make the new method a replacement rather than adding it as an alternative, i.e. they chose not to retain DeepPrime XD and add DeepPrime XD2 as another option but rather they replaced DeepPrime XD with DeepPrime XD2.

You may gather from my comments that I consider this a mistake!

My experience also. For sport photography I always used DeepPrime in V3, and started out with the same in V4. But now the pictures came out looking over-processed. Seems like V4 has a more aggressive algorithm compared to V3?

In V4 under DeepPrime → Advance there are also two new settings one can tweek. So I did some experimenting with these two:

  • Luminance [default at 40]. Bringing this back to 20 gave me good results again, that looked more like V3.
  • Force details [default at 0]. I could not see any effect of this slider, so I left it at 0.

So for now I’m content again with the results. Maybe DXO could give some guidance on these sliders and/or in how to tweek the V4 settings to that we get V3 results again?