General Purpose Presets 1,2 3 showing rendering error when apply preset button is pushed

Just updated to elite, when pushing the apply preset button am getting rendering error on the first 3 presets.

Internal error (m_vignettingData.initWithDxOModule(*compositeModel, intensity, clipping, usePixelUnits) ; condition failed.} is what I get when trying to apply any of the 1st 3 presets. Dxo style Natural, Standard, optical corrections only presets. All the other presets are working, Thoughts to fix?

Welcome Tony

It seems to be an optical module reading error.
Before calling for service, I would delete all the modules so that PhotoLab could reload them.


That could be, after a little more investigation it seems to be just the photos that I have taken with my new lens, RF 200-800. All the other lenses those options are available. I am guessing the issue will go away once DXO releases the corrections for that lens hopefully here in a few weeks. Thanks for your response.

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