General Feedback ... Speed of providing new Cameras

Dear DxO Team,
today I want to share my disappointment that the provision of new camera profiles takes too long.

Example: Lumix G9II.

  • Camera is available for testers since ~September
  • I received my G9II yesterday (others already beginning of this week)
  • Module is still not available while Lightroom already has it in the database …

Of course there are workarounds available … bat it remains a workaround with additional steps.

in a situation when DxO does not receive access to a camera before any retail customers it is perfectly normal for you to expect it to be supported a while after it is available for purchase or rent … you do not like this ?take your beef to Panasonic that they must provide cameras to DxO for free to do the work like the do for Adobe

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I assume the manufacturers provide the cameras to the SW developers as early as they provide it to the youtubers.

I have wondered if the splitting away of DxOMark in 2017 reduced DxOLab’s testing capacity.
It would not surprise me if there had been some impact due to sharing (any or all of) staff, testing equipment, test results and access to new cameras & lenses.

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The Panasonic G9 II will be supported in December as per this entry from DXOs body/lens support database. Is this not the same as the Lumix G9 II?

One reason for support delays is the number of bodies available for testing in Europe versus the number of reviewers, testers, and software publishers wanting to get their hands on one of them. In all probability larger companies, like Adobe, have priority when getting one of those copies.

Generally, it takes two to three months from the time a camera is released until DxO supports it. Sometimes support is sooner, and sometimes, depending on camera availability, it may take much longer.



it’s the same body, hopefully they’ll keep their timeline at DxO

Once it’s in the database they usually meet the schedule. I’m sure someone will point out exceptions to that.


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Well Sony A7 IV took six months. So, two-three months i not at all that slow.

a other example is the Sony HX99, which is a long time already on the market.
Still the RAW format isn’t supported and several people already requested to support.

General question the DxO, what are the rules to support a camera or not?

The Sony HX99 isn’t a sheap camera, so I would expect the support. @DxO- please help

That camera was released in September of 2018, so the chances of it being supported after being available for over 5 years seems pretty slim at this point.