FYI: Partial presets and Wide Gamut (working color space)

I noticed that one of my Partial presets (that is, those presets that change only specific settings, leaving all others unchanged) was switching my working color space from Wide Gamut to Legacy/Classic.

On comparing this ~.preset file with others that were working correctly (not switching the working color space) I noticed a difference in the Version parameter at the end of the file; it was set as Version = “16.0” (indicating pre PLv6) instead of Version = “17.0” (which designates PLv6+).

It seems this triggers logic (in PLv6+) to presume that the preset is Classic/Legacy-specific (or, perhaps, not Wide-Gamut-capable) - so, it switches the working color space setting accordingly.

The fix was as simple as an edit to the ~.preset file to change the version# to “17~”.

How did it get this older-version in the first place ? … I’m not really sure;

  • it seems an update is made to one’s presets when a PL update is applied - - Perhaps this specific ~.preset file was skipped for some reason (?)
  • more likely, I reckon, it was due to something I did - but have now forgotten what that was !

John M

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Installing a new version of DPL usually copies over user presets and workspace settings. I never checked if that process changed preset version numbers and I’d guess that it does not.

New features come in new versions and in case of DPL5/6, we’ve got the new WCS. One of them must always be active an that’s why presets created pre-6 usually activate the legacy WCS in DPL6.

Hi Mr. P.

I’m referring here to one’s personally created Presets … not those that ship with PL.

Here’s the last few lines of one of my partial presets - residing in the (Win) \AppData\Local\DxO\DxO PhotoLab X\Presets folder;

PLv5: image … PLv6: image

I reckon it is the install/update process that makes this change - 'cos it’s certainly not me.


Me too, and it looks like your installer adjusted the version numbers.

In a few cases, the migration has failed, and then, I simply copied the previous set of my (personal) presets…without changing version numbers. That never seemed to hurt DPL on Mac.

No, I haven’t noticed any issues before, either. I guess it doesn’t matter until there’s a specific change in PL from one version to another - - such as Wide-Gamut being introduced with PLv6 … and then it does.

Just something (else) to keep in mind …


Even more so, when such new functionality comes as a tool that cannot be switched off!.