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Am I going senile since I can’t seem to find the option, which I used quite a lot, to add a creative Vignette. Used to open fx and there it was, the ability to darken corners, but it no longer seems to be there.
Have I unticked something by mistake?
Grateful for any advice.


It is in FilmPack.

This has to be some sort of bad joke surely, instead of opening a tab in Photolab, as has been done forever, I now have to open a separate program to add something as simple as a vignette.
I thought the purpose of new software versions was to increase usability not take away functions.
Thanks for your reply BTW


Do you have a license for FilmPack? If so you should have a Filmpack palette in PhotoLab where among other things you will find Creative vignetting. You will also find it in the FX button. If it is not there, you either do not have a license for FilmPack or have not activated it in PhotoLab 6.


I have a license for Filmpack 5 but have hardly ever used it as, at least in my standard I thought, set up I see no Filmpack button and it certainly doesn’t appear in the fx tab since I upgraded to Photolab 6
I would love to be shown how to get that.
My concern would be that I have to upgrade to Filmpack 6 which I would be reluctant to do do to merely use a vignette easily


I am on a Mac. But if I recall correctly there should be a menu item called Filmpack in the menu “help” under Windows. There you can activate your FP license. It will then all show up in PL.

Yes, I believe you are correct that there should be something in the Help menus. If @Neelly can’t find it he will have to contact DxO for support. He definitely should be able to use his license for FilmPack 5 within PhotoLab 6.


if you don’t get FP to run (or you need something better) …

to get something like this

the strong settings here are for demonstration purpose only

A really big reversed Control point with Chroma & Luma set to 0
and brightness level down to - 0.3 EV gives you a nice ‘invisible’ vignette.

( be careful, you might like it )

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Thanks guys really appreciate your help. I shall try these suggestions when I get back to it tomorrow


That sounds reasonable @Neelly and I’m sure the outcome of this thread will be the successful activation of your FP license. When I think about it: What has a vignette to do with “film”? It’s an optical flaw to be corrected. Especially since each and every other RAW converter has a standard tool without any extra costly license?

VP and FP add more than 100% to my basket when added without rebate to the Elite version. In my eyes, standard functions have to be part of the standard package. And as standard I consider “what you get everywhere else as well”.

Just a couple of points The Creative vignetting tool has nothing to with removing lens related optical flaws. It is a tool to creatively add vignetting to an image. It has several sliders and options and can add both positive and negative vignetting. I don’t use it often, but I have used it to great effect… PhotoLab has a separate tool intended for the removal of lens related vignetting.

Second, purchasing all three PhotoLab suite programs together has always be significantly less expensive than buying them separately. Currently, for Christmas you can buy two of them and get 30% off. For example, that means that you can purchase PhotoLab 6 Elite, normally $219 USD and FilmPack 6 Elite, normally $139 USD for a total of approximately $251 USD with the discount applied. That is a savings of $109. You can than add Viewpoint for another $99 if you wish, but the most important feature in Viewpoint, the Perspective tool, is now available to all users of PhotoLab 6 Elite without requiring a Viewpoint license.

I use a number of the tools in FilmPack 6 all the time and there are only a couple of its features like Light Leak that I don’t use. I would not want to go without FilmPack. For me it is an essential component of PhotoLab, and goes way beyond its 100+ film emulations.



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First @mwsilvers I want to be clear, my intention is not to drag anybody to another app (its would be impossible anyway, as all members here like their PL very much. Plus, on the other side of forum world, say, in C1, desert is waiting…)

Second, why call a bunch of creative filters film pack? No answer needed, but it leads to confusion as we can see here.

Third, I just tried the vignetting of C1. I can’t move the centerpoint (but in local adjustments > radial gradient, I can. And do much more…). Else I can decide wether it should be elliptical, circular or circular in crop. As standard, included in the license.

Now, @Wolfgang had the very good idea to do it with local adjustments. I’m not a friend of all the sliders cluttering the view to my image, but what I see in C1 is this:

I was a bit surprised what the points on the ellipsis can do. I was not using it that often, but thanks to Wolfgang I found something new. which is way more flexible than the normal vignette command.

The movement of the ellipsis happens while I’m looking at its effect, not with a side view/jump between toolbar and tool clutter. And I could not find a way to get the circle point elliptical, but if I had to, I’d use two control points more, align them and make the center one bigger - no one would be interested if it’s an ellipsis or a couple of control points, right? Just a bit more effort and a little bittle more workaround

Now, both functions are standard of today’s raw converters, even Affinity Photo has a vignetting slider, so it makes DxO look a bit very greedy - or needy, depending. :roll_eyes:

And please don’t come up with all the rebates - if somebody needs it in February 2023, he will have to wait until Black Friday? :wink:

All I’m saying is, this vignette function is very banal and should not be connected to extra costs. You don’t need to agree on that. :smiley: If you want to see more canaries with some imaginative talk (what goes on in a Voliére on a cold winter day), you can have a glimpse here.

That is not necessarily true. Before PL 6 was released, buying the entire PL5 suite was much more than $100 cheaper than purchasing all three separately. At this point I don’t recall how much more than $100 it was. I suspect once the holiday discounts are finished they will go back to that model.

Last spring if you purchased the entire suite the cost was essentially similar to purchasing PhotoLab 5 Elite at its regular price, Filmpack 5 Elite at a nice discount, and Viewpoint 3 for free. If I recall the total price for all three was not very significantly more than purchasing C1 as a new user. Of course all the individual prices are higher now so the combined cost will also be higher.


All that is true, Mark, but an app for which one should wait for the next summer/winter sale? Sure, all apps come up with sales - but the question raises “and what is your last offer, bro?” Anyway, the best moment to buy PCs or apps is “when I need it”. But the constant price shifting leads to the impression “they need to sell cheaper, otherwise customers stay away”. If something is constantly or very often “on sale”, it’s an indication that lower price should compensate - what exactly? I mean PL is really good, so why not going on a standard price and make the rebates rarer?

That was not a summer/winter sale but regular discounts when purchasing the 3 program suite. The only time it differed was during Black Friday/Christmas sales. I used last spring as an example to separate it from the current holiday pricing. I could just as easily said last summer or last winter.


I was quite surprised that a creative vignette tool isn’t available. It’s a standard feature in most editing software, so a strange one to miss out. I do use it quite often when using Lr

I have tried creating a vignette using a control point inverted. This doesn’t really work as it effects too much of the image. Even inverted it effects the centre of the image

Thanks again to everyone, problem was a new PC on which, because I never use it as such, I hadn’t installed my copy of Film Pack. Now done and the creative vignette is now back in its rightful place in the fx tab.
Given what people have said about Film Pack I must experiment with it so my ignorance has had a benefit after all.!!



zoom out and try with a really big range (Luma + Chroma → 0) to see if it makes a difference for you

Thanks for the tip but I have tried that. If you increase the radius outside of the image it does help but still affects all of the image (toggle off/on) including the centre and it’s not really a vignette effect.

Well, you could add another CP to bright up the center or where ever you want. *)
I’ve done that too, but didn’t mention …

For me, the ever best solution is in Nik tools CEP 4/5 → Darken/Lighten Centre
( working with JPG or TIF-files or as PlugIn for PS )

grafik Screen Shot 12-14-22 at 10.48 AM
in CEP 4 // 5

where you have the Center Luminosity.

These attempts can give you a soft ‘invisible’ vignette to direct the viewers attention
without being noticed as a vignette. → “The best edit is when you don’t see it.”

But as always, there is not only one solution. :slight_smile:

*) or rise the general exposure by a little

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