Functionality added to PL5 Elite when activating FP6 Elite?

Could someone please provide details on exactly what functionality is added to PL5 elite when activating FP6 elite?

I’m aware of the stand-alone Filmpack features, but can’t see any good documentation on the additional features it adds into Photolab.


Check out the release notes.
Find them on this page:

Viewing the PL5 user guide (PDF document) and searching for the word FilmPack will highlight descriptions of the added functions. Or just look through the filters and palettes in PL5 to see most of the extra adjustments grouped together. There might also be something in the FAQ list for PhotoLab or FilmPack on their respective support pages, but you’d have to search for it.

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Thanks. I had looked at release notes and version comparisons but didn’t think of looking in the manual!
From what I can see from the manual:

  • Grain
  • Texture
  • Blur
  • Fine contrast (Including Highlights, Midtones and Shadows)
  • Colour Rendering based on Film Pack
  • Channel Mixer
  • Frame
  • Light Leak
  • Creative Vignetting

Is there anything else I’m / the manual is missing?

You left out the new Time Machine feature (not to be confused with Apple’s Time Machine), and Fuji X-trans support.


Those two may be considered sub-features of Colour Rendering. But they are new in FP6. :slight_smile:

I understand your reasoning, but In use the Time Machine operates almost like an independent plug-in module so I don’t think of it as a “sub-feature”.

Time Machine is a set of PhotoLab presets:

Yes, I know what it is, and how it works, but from the user perspective the Time Machine looks and operates like a separate module with a very specific purpose as well as its own interface. It is therefore, in my opinion, a separate feature. Every review of FP 6 highlights the Time Machine as a feature.


From that list, the features I personally most value are;

  • addition of sliders for Highlights, Midtones and Shadows to PL’s Contrast tool
  • additional Colour Rendering options
  • Creative Vignetting

These 3 make ownership of FP worthwhile, in my view.

Ability to add Frames is occassionaly useful - - I haven’t found any of the others of any use.

John M

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Thanks for the summary, after some thought I’d tend to agree that those appear to be the really useful ones.

If I understand correctly the “Channel Mixer” is for adjusting shading of black and white photos?

That is correct - and very useful it is too.

One tool that hasn’t been mentioned is the Filter tool, which allows us to emulate the placing of a physical coloured filter in front of the lens - once again, for B&W work.

Being an LF film photographer as well, I will tend to use that before moving on to the Channel Mixer as, sometimes, it is all that is needed.

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I frequently use the color filter adjustment for color images. :grin:

Really? Can you give an example?

I tend to apply them at around 5-20% intensity. Warm and Cool change the overall color temperature in ways I like. I also use Mauve and the more subtle Orange filters to adjust the look of landscapes so that colors are more in balance/complementary. Some of DxO’s own presets use them for color images, too: it was when I noticed one applying 5% red that I got more interested in doing this on my own.

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I can - - I used this setting … image
… combined with this original …

… to produce this;

I was delighted to be recently awarded a “Merit” for this in Creative section of my camera club.

John M