Fun with extendertubes and photolabs optical power

I’m practising sharpening kitchen knives really sharp. So not just pulling along a sharpening tool but really multi stage sharpening and honing. up to 2000 grit. Grabbed some old knives that were damaged and repaired a point and sharpened through 200-800-1500-2000grit.
And for fun between each step photographed the cutting surface to see what I did.
m43, lumix 14-140mm and two extension tubes (16mm and 10mm on top of each other) at f9. you can’t get cheaper macro :smiley: (manual focussed at 140mm an tried focusstacking but AF was lost on this level.)
But you can use it:(these are stacked by Silkypix v10 pro)

Tripod needed but it’s lot of fun to do and those extendertubes are cheap!

Ok Back to my knives!
image where fast editted: autoexposure correction, clearview, fine contrast, microcontrast.

first the uncut you see the machine applied grooves. (sawdust as “dirt”)

then the coarse stone:

(i see i was searching for the right angle, nicked the top of the bevel wile i needed to touch the cuttingedge.

better, reasonable nice bevelconcistency.

Then 800grit first honing:

this is real edge detection!!! :crazy_face:
then 1500 grit honing, again not perfect. :pleading_face: :unamused:

but i made a “burr” zo i touched the end of the edge.

Not perfect in concistency but it will do.
then finaly near stropping fine honing:

Then i stropped along a old jeans, to get rid of all those small steel flakes.
(i need a polishing tool to finalise)

does this have anything to do with PL? :thinking: :face_with_monocle: nope!
except there optical module and deepprime is exelent!!! :partying_face:
100% look:

wetstones surface at 100%