Full Screen Viewer Items

In the full screen viewer mode of the photolibrary, there are some items that can be viewed along the bottom and the right side, but it would be helpful to be able to add more. Currently, I have a lot of extra space in the right pane with just the EXIF information and navigator. I have a LOT of extra gray space in the pane above these that is unutilized. It would be great if I could select custom items to be added to this such as keywords. I looked but could not find an existing way to add these. Please add this to a future version of Photolab.

Palettes can be added to the left dock as well as to the right dock.

Click on the hamburger menu of the palette you want to move and select the dock you want.

Read more about managing palettes: Interface – PhotoLab Guidelines

I may not have been clear enough in my post. I am referring to the ‘full-screen’ mode (F11) on Windows to view images when viewing photos in the PhotoLibrary mode, not in Customize.

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