Full screen viewer : blackout-free between images

in full screen mode, when moving forward or backward to the next or to the previous image, there is a blackout.

Absence of blackout is important when user wants to compare images in quick succession.

Issue observed in PL3 for Windows : the blackout is observable all the time ; i checked performance and the reading is the processor running at 3-10% load and memory usage is 40% of 16 GB.

I don’t get this on a MacBook Pro running Catalina.

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I have noticed this phenomenon only occasionally on my Windows 10 machine. Most of the time It moves from image to image almost immediately, with a blackout of no more than a second or so as a transitions. Only rarely do I find that transitioning between images using full screen viewing blacks out the screen for an extended period. I suspect, that may have something to do with the operating system and what else I’ve got running at the same time as Photolab.