Full implementation of system settings for language/numeric formats

Hi there,

I am running DxO PL5 in latest version under Win 10 Pro x64 and I have two small proposals for future corrections.

It might not be a big issue for many people, but I would really love to see PhotoLab making full use of system settings in terms of country/language specific configuration. Curently DxO PL does not follow these system settings, but confronts me with an error indication as soon as I try to enter a floating point value as it would be done normally in Germany, i.e. by using the “,”.
Instead of that the program forces me to use the “.”, which makes it impossible to use the numeric keypad.

Also the pother proposal has to do with direct manual entry. Especially when entering data in pre-defined fields it is common practice to select the entire content of the field, so that once you clicked in the field you can enter the new value straight away. DxO PL just positions the cursor in the existing content which makes manual overwriting of parameters a bit of a pain “somewhere” :wink:.

A similar unlogic behaviour happens by the way when creating a new folder. When doing this, it always happens that the folder withe name “new folder” is created straight away, so that I have to take a second go to finally give it the right name. If this function could be modified so that if I select to create a new folder, the field for the name is kept in edit mode with the entire default name “new folder” being selected, it would allow to give the new folder its desired name in a much more direct way.

I’m not on Windows, but hello, @Nikon-Tom - you also can vote for your feature request.

about the numeric keypad


sorry for the ‘broken’ link … here is my text:

I would be very happy, if we could have the [ , ] as additional decimal separator to the [ . ] missing on the num pad. – To key in values in small increments e.g. for the hoizontal tool is unneccessary complicated.

Hi @Wolfgang,

thanks for the hint, but even if I log in I can’t open those links. I get the message that this page doens’t exist or is private :thinking:

Hi @JoJu,
thanks for letting me know. I wasn’t aware that you can actually vote for your own request :smiley:

I guess, the pages are in the EarlyAccess area fot the beta-testers of version 6. I also can’t access them.

@Nikon-Tom → see my edit