Fujinon 10-24 mm only supported for jpg files

In DXO camera & lenses says that Fujinon 10-24mm f/4.0 is just supported for JPG files, no matter if it is X-H1, X-T2, X-T3 or X-T4, maybe also for other camera models. But I have token pictures in RAW format with this lens at least using the X-T2 and I guess also X-T4. Everything seems working perfectly.
I ask about this because a friend of mine who want purchase PureRaw 2 has alerted me to this problem and does not want to decide until he is sure.
Is it a mistake, an oversight, or is there something I don’t understand?

Apologies if I’m misunderstanding your question, however where is it stating that the 10-24 is only supported for jpegs?

If its on the support page its possibly out of date.

In PhotoLab 5, if you select ‘DxO Modules’ at the top then ‘Manage DxO Optics modules…’ you can scroll to FujiFilm, select the body or bodies you are using and then see what lens are supported.

So for the X-T4 (which I use but don’t have the 10-24) you can see that both ‘JPG’ and ‘RAW’ are supported. Or should be at least.

Obviously I can’t comment on whether DPL5 or DxO PureRaw 2 does indeed 100% support and work with the 10-24mm as I don’t own the lens or have any RAW/RAF filed using it to check but based on the module being available it shouldn’t be an issue.

Yes, you are right, in fact I do have the 10-24 and PhotoLab develops it perfectly, optical corrections included. Now I understand the problem, the camera & lenses support is not up to date for this lens, no matter if xt2, t3, t4, t30, h1 etc…
Thank you!

No problem. Happy I was useful!

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