Fujifilm simulations with Capture One

I have a bunch of super low-light raw images that I shot on my Fuji X-T5 at 12,800 ISO while traveling a couple of years ago. I want to run them through Pure Raw 4, and then process them in Capture One. However, as I recall, running them through PureRaw saves the images as a DNG, and Capture One no longer recognizes the image as a Fuji RAF, and thus I can’t apply nor change the Fujifilm simulations to it. Is this still the case with PureRAW4? Is there a workaround for this?

PureRAw is a raw processor which demosaics raw files . The exported output is a newly created linear DNG file which is not the same as the original raw file.


PureRAW, including the current version 4, have no provisions to change colour and tonality. If Capture One cannot apply simulations manually you’re out of luck with your toolbox.

If you had PhotoLab instead of PureRAW, you could use PL’s Fuji simulations. If you haven’t already, I propose you test DPL7 with the 30 day free trial and compare the simulation results to CO’s.

If you like, you could post a link to a share with some of those RAW files and we’d be able to send you a few exports with respective simulations.

Which C1 version are you using?